Endorsements for Youth Ministry in the 21st Century: Five Views

“Teenagers need thoughtful, theologically grounded youth leaders more than ever. Youth Ministry in the 21st Century asks the right questions and helps leaders devise innovative responses. It’s a new day in youth ministry, and the insights contained in these pages will lead us all toward more transformative ministry. Together.”

Kara Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute

“The practice of effective, life-changing youth ministry must include thoughtful reflection if we hope to endeavor to shape and embrace ministry strategies and practices that advance, rather than undermine, the gospel. As youth ministry models continue to develop and evolve, we all need to submit our closely held models to that beautiful process of iron rubbing against and sharpening iron. In the end, God will have made us all better for it! That’s what happens in this thought-provoking book. This grace-filled, five-way conversation is powerful and challenging. Not only will it force you to evaluate and adjust your own model of ministry, it offers a model for how to generously and humbly ‘talk amongst yourselves,’ particularly with those with whom you don’t agree.”

Walt Mueller, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

“When I read a book by Chap Clark, I know I’m going to read a book that is thoughtful, theologically sound, and pulsing with the heart of a youthworker. And Youth Ministry in the 21st Century, with its iron-sharpening-iron approach, demonstrates Chap at his best, challenging us to think beyond our favorite youth ministry strategies to consider theological roots, ministry implications, and practical outcomes. You’ll be pushed and pulled a bit in this book, but I’m confident these stretching exercises will only make your ministry stronger.”

Duffy Robbins, professor of youth ministry, Eastern University

“I love this book. I felt like I was in a room listening in on an incredible dialogue with some of the finest thinkers in the field of youth ministry. All these youth specialists are brilliant and have a deep love for young people. There is something to learn on every page and from every viewpoint.”

Jim Burns, president, HomeWord; executive director, HomeWord Center for Youth and Family, Azusa Pacific University

“I loved this book! I was engrossed by the sometimes sharp disagreements coupled with the contributors’ grace and mutuality. The book was a real page turner in places. For example, I could hardly wait to see what Greg Stier had to say about Fernando Arzola’s critique of his primary point.Youth Ministry in the 21st Century triggers deep reflection about models and motives and will facilitate advancement of that very kingdom enterprise, youth ministry.”

Len Kageler, professor of youth and family studies, Nyack College

“Most youth pastors struggle to ever get beneath the day-to-day aspects of youth ministry. But if you want to get to the heart of why and what you do, get this book! The five views expressed allow anyone to explore, compare, and strive to live out a biblically based philosophy of youth ministry. This book belongs on the required reading lists of all youth ministry programs and deserves to be on the shelf of any youth pastor who wants a deeper understanding of where they are, how they got there, and where they might want to go in the future.”

Allen Pointer, youth pastor, speaker, trainer, and owner of Point A Coaching

“I have been craving this discussion of youth ministry models with deep theological roots, pointed critiques, and passionate debate on the pros and cons of each view. I predict that Youth Ministry in the 21st Century will be a much-needed push beyond the glut of negative statistics about adolescents and their faith into deeper exploration of the theological underpinnings of next-generation ministry and reimagining of effective models of youth ministry. I cannot wait to use this book in my college and seminary classrooms.”

Danny Mitchell, youth ministry coordinator, Committee on Discipleship Ministries, Presbyterian Church in America

“As a former youth pastor and Youth For Christ director turned educator, I welcome the critical thinking, assessment, consensus, collaboration, varying perspectives, and even the disagreement found in this book. And while I embrace discussions of theory, this project helpfully transforms theories into the building blocks of ministry practices, skill sets, and practical theology. Whether you have a high youth ministry IQ or you are in youth ministry 101, this book will challenge your thinking.”

Steve Vandegriff, professor of Christian leadership and church ministries, Liberty University